Using Google Earth Engine requires an approved account. The official instructions for signing-up are in the Earth Engine User Guide. Review the steps outlined at Earth Engine access and follow the instructions below for your account type.

Non-Commercial Users

Earth Engine is available free of cost for Noncommercial and Research use. If you are eligible for non-commercial access, follow the instructions below to obtain an account.

Option 1: Sign-up using Google Cloud

This is the preferred option for signing up for new Google Earth Engine accounts.

Visit Project Registration Page and follow the instructions to enable Earth Engine access. You will have to sign-up for Google Cloud and create a new cloud project to be used with Earth Engine.

Option 2: Sign-up without Google Cloud

Non-commercial users also have an option to use the legacy sign-up page to get a Google Earth Engine account. Some users may not have necessary permissions from their organization to create a cloud project. This option allows you to sign-up without a Google Cloud project.

Visit and sign-up with your Google account. You can use your existing gmail account to sign-up. It usually takes 1-2 days for approval. Hence do this step as soon as possible.

Tips to ensure smooth sign-up process:

  • Use Google Chrome browser.
  • When signing up for Earth Engine, please log out of all Google accounts and ensure you are logged into only 1 account which you want associated with Earth Engine.
  • Prefer using your university/organization email for signing up.
  • Access to Google Earth Engine is granted via Google Groups. The default settings should be fine, but verify you have the correct setting enabled.
    • Visit
    • Click on Settings (gear icon) and select Global Settings.
    • Make sure the option Allow group managers to add me to their groups is checked.

Commercial Users

Google Earth Engine is available as a Google Cloud service for Commmercial users. You need a Google Cloud account to sign-up for Earth Engine.

New Google Cloud Users

If you haven’t used Google Cloud before, visit Project Registration Page and follow the instructions to enable Earth Engine access.

Existing Google Cloud Users

If you already use Google Cloud and have an existing project, visit Getting access page for instructions.

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